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Laying the Foundation for Successful Business Growth. Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we use QuickBooks for our accounting needs?
First, QuickBooks is the standard that other accounting software strive towards. Second, almost all 3rd-Party applications integrate with QuickBooks. Finally, QuickBooks has the power of Intuit behind it.

Why should we use Smartsheet for our workflow needs?
The primary reason to use Smartsheet rather than other task management software is the ease and breadth of its customization. Also, the unique ability to collect data in Sheets, compile data in Reports, and display data in Dashboards. Finally, there is the ability to use formulas and see data as a Grid view, a Gantt View, a Card view, or even a Calendar view.

Why should we use Trainual for our employee training needs?
Trainual is much easier to use than other training software. Also, it allows you to collect policies, processes, and procedures all in one training system. Finally, it allows the integration of many other file types and applications.

Why should we use Box for our document needs?
Box is designed to scale with growing companies. It was designed for the enterprise market rather than the consumer market. Box deals well with security, permissions, sharing outside the company, and integration with third-party software.

Should we use QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop?
QuickBooks should be considered as the default choice. QuickBooks Desktop should be used if there is a poor internet connection, if there is a need for complex Inventory, or if Sales Order are part of the sales process.

Which version of QuickBooks Online should we use?

  • Simple Start – Single User with basic bookkeeping needs.
  • Plus – 5 Users with a need to track Bills, Time, and Projects.

  • Advanced – 25 Users with a need for more complex user permissions, reports, and automated workflow.

Which version of QuickBooks Desktop should we use?

  • Pro Plus – 3 Users with basic bookkeeping needs.
  • Premier Plus – 5 Users with a need to for industry specific reporting and forecasting.
  • Enterprise – 40 Users with a need for more complex user permissions, reports, and automated workflow.

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