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Laying the Foundation for Successful Business Growth. How do we do it?

By implementing QuickBooks to answer the important questions.

1.  How much cash do I have?

  • By immediately entering all bank transactions.
  • By reconciling all bank accounts to the statements.
  • By identifying and correcting all discrepancies.

3.   Who do I owe?

  • By immediately entering all Bills.
  • By entering all Bill payments sent.
  • By constantly monitoring due dates of Bills.

2.   Who owes me?

  • By immediately entering all Invoices.
  • By entering all Invoice payments received.
  • By constantly monitoring past due Invoices.

4.   What are my Gross and Net Profit Margins?

  • By tracking your total Sales.
  • By tracking your total cost of goods sold.
  • By tracking your total expenses.

By implementing Smartsheet to manage the important aspects of workflow and collaboration.

1.  Workflow

  • Plan work flow.
  • Capture workflow.
  • Manage workflow.
  • Report workflow.

3.  Collaboration

  • Assign tasks.
  • Track Project progress.
  • Manage Calendars.
  • Share Documents.

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