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Laying the Foundation for Successful Business Growth. Meet Our Team

When you engage FairWeather Group, you are commissioning our whole team to support you in your goals. Our professional team will partner with you to serve your needs as you grow your business. Our skills and experience are validated by our certifications in QuickBooks, Smartsheet, Box, TSheets, and many other valuable tools.

Dan Carpenter – Master Problem Solver

I am not paid to enter data into QuickBooks. I cannot use the 10-Key, I am a horrible typist, and I bore easily. What I am good at is configuring QuickBooks to match how a particular business operates. What I am great at is finding new ways to use QuickBooks to solve every imaginable problem a business may have. I also have considerable experience managing projects using the powerful features within Smartsheet. I know how to manage that delicate balance of the project scope, schedule, and budget.

Roxanne Prestigiacomo – Problem Solver

I am experienced in the daily use of Smartsheet to manage To-Do’s, Project Tasks, and recurring Activities. With me, it is all about using Smartsheet to do the right thing, at the right time, by the right person, with the right tools made available. I am also skilled in the organization of documents in the cloud using the folder structure within Box. I fully understand the best use of naming conventions, workflows, permissions, and the integration of other applications.

James Carpenter – Problem Solver

My strength is in the setup process of QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. I work with each Client to populate the many QuickBooks Lists to suit their specific needs. The goal is always to encourage and maintain QuickBooks best practices. Besides QuickBooks, I am experienced in how to best use Smartsheet to control complex processes and procedures. I understand how to use the ability of Smartsheet to collect data, and then display it in different ways, for many different people.

Jessica Carpenter – Problem Solver

I am the person that trains new users in the many features of each cloud-based tool. QuickBooks, Smartsheet, and Box are only useful if the Client’s employees understand how to use them. The goal is always to empower our Clients and their employees with the skills and knowledge required to thrive. My most important tool during this training process is Trainual, a cloud-based software to collect and share your company’s policies, processes, and procedures.

Gigi Lerma – Problem Solver

I am the QuickBooks problem solver. I assist Clients when they have problems working in QuickBooks. I help with those hard to reconcile bank accounts, the Receivables that are over or under paid, and the uncleared Payables disputed by the Vendors. I am also the person that will support the Clients in Box. I assist with the proper naming of folders and files, the searching for needed documents, and the use of the workflow tools within Box.

Anthony Prestigiacomo – Problem Solver

I make sure that the Clients can use Smartsheet in their day-to-day operations. I assist them in mastering the three core features: Sheets, Reports, and Dashboards. Smartsheet shines when the data is correctly entered into the Sheets, then compiled in properly configured Reports, then displayed and shared throughout the company on a Dashboard. I am also the one that assists the Clients in the internal use of Trainual so that the Client’s employees can capture their policies, processes, and procedures.

Carmen Mendez - Problem Solver

I am the QuickBooks Online problem solver. I implement the best practices for bank reconciliations to ensure that all transactions are properly entered. I understand the process to correctly download and allocate bank and credit card transactions using the tools in the Banking section of QuickBooks Online. I am also the person that will assist Clients to learn and use the many powerful features of Box to manage the storage and sharing of documents.

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