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Laying the Foundation for Successful Business Growth. Pricing

Pricing Philosophy

  • If the Problem is not solved, there is no charge.
  • Over time, the value provided greatly exceeds the price charged.
  • Payment flexibility is tied to Customer's cash flow needs.
  • We do not, ever, compete on price.

Time & Material Pricing

Hourly rates are based on the variables shown below.

  • Skill level required by the job.
  • Experience level desired by the Client.
  • Hours per visit required by the job.
  • Frequency of visits desired by the Client.
  • Expected duration of the job.

Value Pricing

A set price based on the variables shown below

  • A clearly defined scope of work.
  • Clearly defined responsibilities of all parties.
  • A timeline agreed upon by all parties.
  • Any changes agreed upon by all parties.
  • All agreements must be in writing.

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