Our Team

At FairWeather Group, you are partnering with a professional team to support your goals and needs as you grow your business. Our skills and decades of experience are backed by active certifications in QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Payroll, Smartsheet, Box, and Trainual.

Dan Carpenter


Before coming ashore in 1995 to start FairWeather Group, Dan spent almost 20 years traveling the world’s oceans as a navigator on merchant ships. During his travels, he visited every US state except for North Dakota, and every country in the Western Hemisphere except for Bolivia and Paraguay. All three places are, of course, far from the ocean. The attention to detail required for navigation and the problem-solving skills required to safely manage a ship both prepared him to solve the problems of growing small businesses.

Certifications: QuickBooks Online Advanced, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Payroll, Smartsheet, Box, Trainual Consultant

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Roxanne Prestigiacomo

QuickBooks Consultant

Prior to FairWeather Group, Roxanne served a marginalized and vulnerable population in the Monterey County. Her experience as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse allows her to delve deep into challenging matters and to examine problems from multiple perspectives. Roxanne enjoys gathering and putting pieces together; she has a great knack for puzzles. You can catch her behind a book for endless hours reading the latest psychological thriller. When she is not busy solving the next great mystery, you can find her competing in a tennis match against her husband Anthony or hiking the beautiful treks of the Monterey Peninsula with her mixed Siberian Huskies, Codi and Luca.

Certifications: QuickBooks Online Advanced, Smartsheet, Box, Trainual Consultant

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Anthony Prestigiacomo

QuickBooks Consultant

I ensure that our clients can use Smartsheet in their day-to-day operations, and assist them in mastering the three core features: sheets, reports, and dashboards. Smartsheet shines when the data is correctly entered into the sheets, then compiled in properly configured reports, then displayed and shared throughout the company on a dashboard. I also assist our clients in the internal use of Trainual so that their employees can capture their policies, processes, and procedures.

Certifications: QuickBooks Online Advanced, Smartsheet

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Michael Hawk

QuickBooks Consultant

With a lifelong passion for finance, Michael previously worked 10 years in academic administration across three major universities. Originally from Upstate New York, he is remotely based in South Dakota with his wife and daughter. When away from the computer, Michael enjoys playing tennis, watching dramas and baseball (Let's Go Dodgers!), traveling Mexico and Europe, and learning new dad jokes.

Certifications: QuickBooks Online Advanced, QuickBooks Payroll, Box

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James Carpenter

QuickBooks Consultant

James has been prepared by life to function well in today’s vibrant and diverse working environment. While he mainly grew up in Northern California, he spent part of his youth living in Belem, Brazil, at the mouth of the Amazon, and in Sao Paulo, a city of 25 million in the south of Brazil. This experience left him fluent in both English and Portuguese. While most of his time is now spent solving the business problems of Clients, he also manages to do interesting things such as jumping out of planes, and bungee jumping from the top of sequoia trees.

Certifications: QuickBooks Online, Smartsheet

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